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Tips for Christmas Ribbon

Now that we’ve all survived Thanksgiving and stuffed ourselves silly, it’s time to get on the ladder, work off some calories and get ready for what I like to call “Phase Two”. Christmas tree decorating! Ribbon can be a beautiful addition to any tree and help create a full look. Here are some step by step tips on how to get a whimsical look with your ribbon.

Step 1:

Start by thoroughly fluffing the tree and make it as full as possible. This does take a little time but if you go by layers from the bottom up, it goes a little faster.


Step 2:

To begin, you will need ribbon. Wired ribbon will be your best friend when working with Christmas trees. Take the end of your ribbon and at the top of the tree, wrap a branch around to hold it in place. If your tree does not have bendable branches, no worries. You can use floral wire from any craft store and wire it in.

Step 3:

Work your way down the tree with the ribbon, tuck and wrap branches as you go. I like to imagine birds have have taken the ribbon and have randomly gone into the tree to build nests. It can be random or you can spiral around. We chose to go random this year for a more whimsical look. We also cut shorter pieces to filled in holes and appear like the ribbon has been woven all throughout the tree. Once you have reached the ends, you can curl the ribbon just by rolling it under.

Step 4:

Ribbon Curls. For this step you can use different kinds of ribbon, we recommend at least two different types. (Again, wired ribbon is your best friend) Mixing colors and patterns is a great way to add texture to the tree. We chose to go with red and gold this year so we used some gold glitter ribbon in a chevron pattern and a more transitional scroll pattern. You will want to cut them into roughly 18″ pieces. Hold them together from the center and find one of the spots in the tree where the main ribbon has been gathered.

Use the same branch holding the main ribbon in the tree to wrap your ribbon pieces in the center. Curl the ribbon by rolling the ends under. They don’t have to be super tight.

Once you get them all done it should look something like this.

Step 5:

Ball Clusters. For this next step you will need several sizes of Christmas ornaments (shatter proof are recommended) and floral wire. Cut approximately 12″-14″ of wire. String your ornaments on, alternating sizes.

Take the ends together and twist the wire as close to the ornaments as you can. This will create a cluster. Go back to your gathered ribbon spots and wire in the ball clusters.

Step 6:

The last step is adding some decorative picks. These come in so many different colors and styles. They are usually wired so you can adjust them however you want. Just stick them right behind your ball cluster.

Add the rest of your ornaments, a tree topper and your tree is complete!

Happiest of Holidays from Paragon Design Firm!