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Kitchen Must Haves

Kitchens are the focal points of the home and not only do our clients want them beautiful, but functionality is key. We work closely with our custom home and renovation clients to ensure that beauty and function are cohesively achieved in every design we do.

So what are some of our favorite Kitchen must haves? Lets start with storage.

Storage is so important, especially if you entertain in your kitchen. Bulky items such as pots are much easier to access from a drawer than crawling under a cabinet. Of course if drawers are not your thing, we also love the classic pull outs in a cabinet. Anything to keep from getting on the floor.

For the seasonal items that you have collected and may only bring out once a year, we will sometimes add shallow cabinets under the front of the island. If space allows we can do a full depth cabinets but most of the time space is limited, especially in renovations.

Every drawer can be open or there are several options to enhance the functionality of your drawer and maximize organization and space.

Flatware dividers are one of the most popular features. They keep everything in place so that you don’t have flatware rattling all over, damaging the drawer and other flatware pieces.

With people nixing upper cabinets and going with the floating shelf movement in kitchens, storage for dishes becomes scarce. Enter the peg drawer system.
Peg systems are gaining more and more popularity. The pegs can be removed and placed around bowls, plates and cups to reduce shifting when drawers are opened and closed.

Floating shelves have really been gaining traction over the last few years. They really open a space and allow for a more decorative touch in the kitchen. They are perfect for displaying your collection of cookbooks, coffee cups or any thing else you might want to show off. We love to light under the shelves to illuminate the collections. The lighting tucked beneath the ledge of the shelf gives the space ambiance and a tailored feel.

This next one is probably one of the most popular features. The spice pull out. These do not have to be limited to spice use. We usually put these on each side of the cook-top. They are great for spices but also you can use them for any thing that you might need quick access to while cooking. Spices, foil and plastic wrap, and now utensils. The utensil holder has become popular since people are not wanting their counter-tops crowded, keeping them together, tucked away and organized.

No one likes to see trash so why not hide it in a drawer. Double trash drawers can also have several different uses. Have large dogs? Add one of these in the pantry or utility room for their dog food. Have hampers in the bathroom or closet that are collecting an eye sore? Add a trash drawer and use it for hampers.

Dead corners are the worst. Things are put back there and they are lost forever. Property of The Kitchen Trolls.

While Lazy Susan’s are a good start to efficiently using the space, technology has surpassed and now there are more gadgets for dead corners than ever. This rack tucks itself all the way to the darkest part of the kitchen but things will never be lost. It fully extends out, making this our top pick for dead space corners.

WINE! Now, we know this wine rack is amazing and you would have to be a member of a wine club to fill it, but we wanted to showcase the chevron style of the rack. In a home you could configure this to fit your needs. Possibly with a rack for hanging stemware and glass cabinets to display more bar ware.

Now for the jewelry of the kitchen.

Quartz (not to be confused with Quartzite) counter-tops are still one of the most popular choices for the kitchen. These surfaces are often a wow factor as well as low maintenance. Absolutely stunning!

And lastly we look at hardware. These are the finishing details in the kitchen. They are truly the function and beauty part of the cabinet and drawer faces. We like to select fun, statement pieces. It’s the little things.

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