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Trends come every year and the 2019 color forecast has been released only halfway through the year! We are so excited about these six beautiful personalities we can’t wait to put them to use in our designs. We are not seeing as many of the greys that have been trending, but instead new bold, lush colors have begun to be woven into the tapestries of design, culture and life. This master pallet will serve as an inspirational guide for professionals and empower them to select the right color scheme for any project.


This year’s 42 color pallet can be divided into six color journals or personalities: Aficionado, Shapeshifter, Enthusiast, Naturalist and Raconteur. Together, these color personalities are fresh collaborations of color that are essential for 2019 color and design trends.

The Aficionado pallet is “tasteful” and “timeless” yet bold in its approach. Like a bookcase of leather bound literary classic, this pallet evokes nostalgia and timeless traditions. Copper and gold anchor merlots and charcoal blues. These tailored tones are tasteful elegant and classic. Inspired by reading nooks, British accents, tweedy menswear and 60’s nostalgia, this trend is already emerging on sites like Pinterest. Saturated hues are certainly having a moment. “It is ostentatious but without being fake or showy, and has the right amount of charm,” says Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin Williams.

“When we say Aficionado, ‘it evokes an emotion of what’s best-in-life, well-worn and bespoke. It is ostentatious but without being fake or showy, and has the right amount of charm,” ~ Sue Wadden, Director of color marketing at Sherwin Williams.

This pallet is taking midcentury modern in a new fresh direction and designers are not only diving into the lush, rich hues, but they are now playing with mixing styles and eras. Some of the finishes in this trend come from plaids, retro patterns, leather bound books, Minimal Luxe, typography and tie motifs.

Shapeshifter’s aesthetic is about the mystical, from deep oceans to the galaxy and everything in between, and it is rooted by strong geometrics and clean lines. There are those who always seem a little ahead of their time. Visionary and creative, this pallet reaches into the cosmos and returns with a whole universe of inspiration. This pallet features mostly cool blues with a surprising pop of mustard yellow, not doubt an inspiration from the stars. This palette has been inspired by technology marring humanity, spiritualism, artificial intelligence and fashion, and is well suited to modern interiors.


“The atmospheric wisps of color, grounded by deep, mysterious blues capture the unique space between technology and spirituality found in the Shapeshifter palette” ~Sue Wadden

This palette plays with the imagination as well do the finishes which can inspire translucent and iridescent materials, atmospheric inspiration and raw edge minerals with metallic accents.

Wanderer is earthy and raw, a reminiscent of the baked clay canyons, worn leather and woven wool blankets of the true New West. The color experts from Sherwin Williams were influenced by the modern desert aesthetic and Scandinavian style when putting together the collection. This pallet is for the person who will never be fenced in, who needs to soak in the endless horizons and subtle earthy tones of the high plains. Sunset hues, rural lifestyle, Georgia O’Keefe, Modern Cowgirl and American Southwest were all part of the story that was molded together in this journal.

“The Wanderer palette is sun-washed and warm. It brings you to a modern desert made of one-part cowboy, one-part Scandinavian style the produces a luxurious result.” ~Sue Wadden

This color personality instills a sense of adventure. Finishes to look for are hand stitched leathers, denim, raw yet refined in quality materials, and desert hues.



“ I don’t have any rules, because I’d only be breaking them.” ~ Iris Apfel

This quote from Iris Apfel couldn’t be truer for our next personality. As the name suggests, Enthusiast is exciting, expressive passionate and eclectic- described as “a scene stealing spectrum.” The mix of rich blues, lush greens, reds and golds cater to those who aren’t afraid to experiment with color in the most daring of ways. This pallet boasts energy with a maximalism quality and a “more is more” mentality.


“The Enthusiast palette is a fresh take on ‘maximalism.’It’s an opportunity to have fun and push the boundaries with color.” ~ Sue Wadden


The celebration of the Enthusiast palette was inspired by artistic expression and confidence. This eclectic trend will feature animal prints, overstated tropical foliage, folk motif, brocade and TASSLES. Lots and lots of tassels!




Subdued and vivid just like nature itself, this bouquet of freshly picked colors features pinks, greens and greiges. Inspired from nature’s whimsical beauty, this soft, crisp pallet creates a spray of colors that allows nature lovers to connect with the wonder of the world in full bloom. Ranging from mushroom to passionate pink, the focus on botanicals is slightly classic, with bold details. Old world Paris, fabulous florals, woodland settings and terrariums, bring the outside in, and this is what makes Naturalist so appealing and fresh.


“From conservancies to hothouses, Naturalist brings you into a chic, French woodland. It’s a place where color never fades.” ~ Sue Wadden


Some finishes budding in this stunning trend are natural, organic structures, natures imperfections and beauty, sinuous pleats, floral prints and branch formations.

From Africa to the New World, human origins have been translated and woven into this rich color story. ‘Raconteur’ means storyteller, and this rich atlas of colors is inspired by story tellers from around the globe. From the plains of Saharan Africa to the spice markets of Marrakech, it’s a palette that travels from ancestral culture to present day.

Heritage crafts, responsible tourism by making tourism more sustainable, Afrofuturism and Ubuntu- which means “humanity towards others” all played a crucial roll in this tapestry of culture.

“From rich red to muted mauve, Raconteur represents storytelling itself. These stories are a subtle reminder of how everyone is connected.” ~Sue Wadden

Key finishes to look for in this design are chipped tile mosaics, clay baked accents, cultural patterns and textures, woven woods and natural fibers, polished concrete and adornments on textiles.