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2019 Winter Market Trends

This year the 2019 Winter Flooring Market in Dallas did not disappoint. With so many beautiful, inspiring pieces, it was hard to focus on just one trend. So here is a recap of what we deemed the trends for this season.

Modern Farmhouse Trend

The first should come at no surprise. With “Modern Farmhouse” still going strong, it’s not wonder that there were many tiles this year that were playing off of the look of aged silos, exposed to the elements.

Patterned Tiles We Love

Not only did they bring in a mix of modern with rustic but patterns are still going strong, and with modern farmhouse being such a fun look, these patterned tiles will fit in perfectly.

Blue’s Are Here to Stay

Blue has been trickling in on the trend scene for the past few years, but this year flooring companies took the plunge, and it seems like blue is here to stay. While you might not be one that wants to commit to a color, these blues are so beautiful and work with most neutrals. They marry well within other collections but still stand on their own and make a bold statement in any interior. So if you are ready to commit to a color that works with all neutrals, then blue is where it’s at.

Geometric Textures

The last big trend that we noticed were lots of geometric shapes and textures. These tiles are made to create stunning looks just by adding an unexpected surface. Taking a simple geometric shape such as the hexagon and adding a bevel to several sides creates and interesting look and definitely will be a showstopper.

What do you think about these trends and will you be incorporating them into your home? Let us know what you think!