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Trends, Trends, TRENDS! They go as quickly as they come. Are the greys still ‘IN’ or are they ‘OUT’? What is currently trending? What’s leaving or how long will this trend last? There is no actual date at which something officially becomes dated, so you’ll still see lots of the trends from this year or even previous years, going strong moving forward.  It’s difficult to keep track of it all as it all just overlaps from one year to the next.

We have done a little digging and a trip to Dallas Market and here is what we have found will be big this year.

Just Peachy

Pink hues have been climbing the Bell Curve in the last few years. Not to be left out, Peach is trickling in and making a statement all its own. It’s color cousin, the (still popular) blush pink, looks beautiful with it and if you want to rev it up a bit, go with a darker rust color or combine it with burgundy.

Not Your Mamma’s Beige

Grey’s’ Bell curve has had an extensive life span but now people are craving a little warmth in their interiors. As Interior Designers, the last few years we could have put money on the exact color scheme of a client’s interior. White Cabinets, Grey Walls, White Counter-tops, Subway Tile etc. But also, we know that just like anything, this will not last forever. We have been adding in warmer tones of the grays into our designs and find that in doing so you create a more timeless look. So, what’s coming in now? Beige. Not your mamma’s beige, these are beige’s that are just a bit less yellow- warmer, grayer beige’s with just a hint more softness.

Shades like Sherwin Williams Amazing Grey, Agreeable Gray and Worldly Grey are great examples of these soft hues. We love using these especially because they seem to change to adapt to the other elements, which creates a curated cohesive look.

Warm Whites

With the same idea of adding warmth to the grays, we are now adding warmth to whites. Brilliant White is trending down, and warm whites are trending up. It’s not technically a beige but rather a soft, lovely warm white that gives you a little saturation without blinding and it contrasts nicely with any white woodwork and ceilings.  

Organic Curve Design

Curvy tiles, curved sofas, round dining tables – the circular shape will soften all the straight edges of a room and give it a bit of a feminine vibe. It’s a bit of Art Deco influence coming into play and probably a reaction to all the straight, hard lines of Mid-Century modern. In an uncertain world, people are looking for soothing organic shapes and well, curves in a room do feel that bit more relaxing and inviting.

Retro Love

This next trend is why all these warm shades like beige and rust and orange are so big right now. They play right into the retro feel of the 70s which suddenly feels a bit cooler than what we have been seeing for the last decade or more which is mid-century modern. Again, Mid-Century modern isn’t ‘out’ – it’s again just in the ‘late majority’ stage so you can still enjoy if you love it.

This look is more in the early majority stage, but this time around, we are seeing a lot of rounded furniture and plenty of fringing on everything from sofas to lampshades to mirrors and more. Of course, the whole boho look is still going strong but this has a bit more of a retro vibe with lots of natural textures, woven furniture and lots and lots of shades of orange and beige.

Here are a few of the items still at the peak of the bell curve or in late majority stages which means they’ve been popular and are likely here to stay at least through next year and possibly beyond: Velvet everything, brass and gold, blush pink, large format artwork, handcrafted and artisan pieces, bohemian styles, Art Deco-influenced furniture and design, mixed material kitchen and bathrooms, herringbone flooring etc. And if you are still loving the white, gray and subway, you can still add in these elements which make for a beautiful look.