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PARAGON DESIGN FIRM was established in 2015 with the idea of catering to new home construction, remodelers and creating beautiful spaces that reflect the personalities of our clients. We focus on functionality and practicality, without sacrificing beauty or comfort of a space. We love using pops of color, unique textiles, and inviting furniture placement, to create a warm environment that is livable and fun.

Over the years we have successfully been able to expand and become a full-service design firm, adding PARAGON RENOVATIONS and staging to our menu of services. At Paragon Renovations our goal is to create a space that our client is proud of and will happily enjoy for years to come!

We are with our clients every step of the way through the design process- from conception to completion. We listen and understand our client’s specific needs, develop individualized design plans to meet those needs, as well as set up timeline expectations for each of our projects. Whether you need help picking a paint color, styling a dresser, or designing a whole new room, we can help bring your vision to life.

Services Provided

Design Packets
We offer organized design packets which include a detailed selection sheet, photo gallery app of all your selections, detailed diagrams of any tile work and designs for installers to use.
Novice Design Packet- $800
Aficionado Design Packet- $2000.
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Interior Design Starting at $250/hr

Meet with one of our Designers and select all materials for your renovation or new construction home project. This includes but is not limited to Paint, Cabinets, Countertops, Flooring & Hardware Selections.

Interior Decorating
These jobs are bid out room by room depending on the scope of work that needs to be done. Includes but not limited to Upholstery, Window Coverings, Wallpaper, Furniture & Décor.
Interior 3D Renderings

Renderings will use all materials selected by the client so they get a realistic vision of what the space will look like.

Packages Available
Bedrooms or Small Bathrooms $300 each
Master Bathrooms $600 each
Kitchens $900 each

Whole Home $250/hr- Can provide a quote based on square footage.

We love using pops of color, unique textiles, and inviting furniture placement, to create a warm environment that is livable and fun.

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